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Code Audited Before or After Your ICO Crypto Launch
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Contract Audit

The Blockchain Auditor team will analyze your contract looking for potential exploits and issues with your contract code.

How It Works

A proven 15 step checklist procedure will be done step-by-step to analyze the contract code and any other function codes.

Audit Score With Report®

After completion, you will receive a full report you can keep internally or publish to assure investors of the safety of their purchase.

The Blockchain Audit Badge

Upon completion of the audit, an embeddable badge will be provided to list on your website. 

The Blockchain Audit NFT Card

Upon completion of the audit, a NFT Card will live on the blockchain showcasing your proof of work forever.

Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

george 2
Blockchain Auditor

Roger Blackstone

Over ten years of programming in a diverse set of fields including Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Operating Systems. Passionate about security, best practices, code integrity, the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, and craft beer.

Blockchain Auditor

Andrew Blake

Andrew is a Blockchain researcher, auditor and consultant. Skilled in risk assessment, strategic planning and product development with supportive relationships from industry partners and blockchain communities.

Jamie Banning
Technical Lead

Jamie Banning

Over 8 years of full stack development with experience in Blockchain Development including Solidity, React, React Native. Strong background utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions and development.

Our Audits

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