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General Questions

  • How Much Will My Audit Cost?

    The cost depends on the scope of the audit and amount of time expected to complete. We can negotiate payments in Ether, USDC, or project tokens.

  • Will My Audit Be Published?

    We leave this up to you. Your team can utilize the report internally or you can post it anywhere you want. Many clients like to let their communities know when the audit is started and completed.

  • What Type of Audits Are Offered?

    At TheBlockchainAuditor we aim to offer a professional auditing service where we do our best to make sure that your contract is Mainnet ready. We are experienced auditing a variety of smart contracts including but not limited to:

    • ERC20, ERC223
    • ERC721, ERC1155
    • Algorithmic Stablecoins
    • Staking 
    • Farms
    • Governance
    • Crowdsales
  • How Long Will It Take For My Audit To Be Completed?

    At TheBlockchainAuditor we have very high standards when performing audits and enjoy giving every client the attention they need. As such, our audit process can one to two weeks depending on the size of the project and the communication between the client and us.

  • What if there are issues with my contract? Will you audit my contract after I fix the issues?

    TheBlockchainAuditor is committed to iterating with your team towards improved versions of your contracts until they are Mainnet ready. As such, if we recommend that you make changes to your contract and you implement those improvements, we will verify they were made and produce the consequent version of the audit where we specify what recommendations were and were not resolved.

  • How Do You Check If My Contracts Are Safe And Reliable?

    We have outlined our audit methodology here.

  • What Tools Do You Use To Audit?

    Here at TheBlockchainAuditor, we are proud users of Hardhat, formerly known as buidler. We use Hardhat to test the functionality and behavior of contracts using  ethers.js and Solidity. We have a testing suite of a variety of tools that includes Slither and Manticore, and we use solidity coverage to make sure we test every line of code efficiently and creatively.