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Our Auditing Methodology

The Blockchain Auditor’s smart contract audits are designed to elucidate security vulnerabilities, guarantee functional integrity, and increase the quality of the contract code deployed on a blockchain.

The quality of an audit is limited by the understanding of the project it is designed to serve. This is why it is essential for us to work closely with your team to understand the intention and desired outcomes the code is created for. To this end, the first auditing phase consists of:

  • Reviewing all project specifications available
  • Confirming our understanding of the specifications
  • Reviewing all contract source code
  • Respecting and addressing any special instructions and requests


We leverage our phase 1 findings to construct testing suites that can correctly verify the intended functionality and reveal any discrepancies between the smart contract’s desired functionality and the behavior it produces in the testing environment.

Our test suite methodology typically includes a three-factor redundancy that observes behavior from both off-chain using Javascript libraries as well as inside on-chain by developing smart contracts designed to interact with our clients’ contracts. Finally, a static and symbolic analysis using Slither and MythrilX is performed to look for common vulnerabilities.

As the testing process progresses, issues in the contract are likely to manifest. In this instance, we take note of problems areas to scrutinize during the manual line-by-line review in which we meticulously scan the contract for vulnerabilities, code performance optimizations, and violation of best practices.

Our audit report delivers an itemized list of specific recommendations in addition to serving as a testament to the rigorous refinement process that your project has successfully passed.