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Our Auditing Methodology

Every audit that we undertake is done with the intention of increasing the quality of the code that is deployed on the blockchain.

To make sure that we test the contracts to the best of our ability we take the time to understand exactly what purpose the contract is meant to serve. To achieve this:

  • We review any project specifications you make available
  • review the source code and
  • take any additional instructions in account.


We use this information to construct a test suite that can correctly verify the intended functionality. The goal here is that if there are any discrepancies between the smart contract’s desired functionality and its behavior then they will be made apparent.

The tests generally include verifying functionality and observing behavior from outside the chain using Javascript libraries and inside the chain by developing smart contracts designed to interact with your smart contract.

Alongside this, we do static and symbolic analysis using Slither and MythrilX to look for common vulnerabilities.

As the tests suites are developed, issues in the contract will begin to manifest. We take note of problems areas to emphasis on when we begin a manual line by line review where we look for any potential optimizations that can be made to increase the efficiency and security of your smart contracts.

Finally, we’ll create a list of specific itemized recommendations that we best believe will improve your smart contracts.